Pristine quality

Vinyl records are best known for producing a higher quality sound than that of a CD or MP3, because they are recorded directly from the analogue source. Apart from this sonic value they hold both an aesthetic and a collectability value too. All these aspects taken into account, it’s no surprise that vinyl records – prominent throughout the 20th century – are making a huge comeback nowadays. Here at BVPP we’re not just all vinyl-lovers and audiophiles, but utter perfectionists as well. And thus constantly aiming for next level industry standards in pressing your records.

Full option

Just for the record, we also think choosing is losing, so we like our pizzas full option. However, because we have just recently started we are currently only pressing 12” (yes, size does matter) black 180 gr. records. Other weight and colour possibilities coming up real soon, stay tuned!

Dyeing for creativity

We all die, the goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create sounds and a legacy that will ‘ars longa vita brevis’. And thus, yes, here at BVPP we are ready to dye for you. Numerous (even some insane and wild) colour possibilities are due in the upcoming weeks, but during our startup period we are only pressing in stylish shiny black, the colour vinyl records are most renowned and acknowledged for.

The warm sound of music

Spoil your ears

Most of the music today is broadcast in some lossy format, where details are missed and the overall audio quality reduced. In order to store hundreds (of thousands) of audio files on a phone (or stream online), they are made significantly smaller (hence more inferior) by compressing them. When pressing a vinyl record no audio data gets lost, sounding just as great as the producer or artist originally intended, making it the only audio format capable of superior high-quality.

Show me your colours

Is vinyl green?

That’s completely up to you: check our colours… No, seriously, vinyl records are made of PVC and currently there just isn’t any eco-friendly material yet that gives the same sound quality. However, the environmental credentials of vinyl records may be stronger than you might think! We tend to have quite a unique relationship with this form of plastic, vinyl records are rather seen as ‘non-disposable’ products. They come under the category of things that we will keep for years and years and even pass on to our children and grandchildren because they have such a long lasting lifecycle. Music on a tangible form like a vinyl record must be treasured because that –according to us– is true ‘sustainability’. And now feel free to check out our colours. 😉

What’s on your sleeve?

Cherish your vinyl

Once out of the packaging, records should be wiped clean in case of debris. Also avoid touching the grooves by either holding the edges or using the labels as support. Records should be kept in their sleeves when not in use, stored vertically and should be cleaned with (distilled) water or water based cleansing solutions. A constant temperature of 18°-21°C (65°-70°F) is ideal and keeping them away from direct sunlight or other heat sources is crucial. If you follow the above steps you can increase the lifespan of your records exponentially in order to ensure optimal playing.

What’s going on?

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